Rick Cutler


My 1st solo CD. It features 20 solo piano performances that could be classified as New Age with a Jazz edge. There is an overall meditative feel to the music which will appeal to New Age & Smooth Jazz lovers but the depth of the compositions along with its improvisational elements will make it resonate equally with fans of more traditional jazz, folk & even classical music. It is currently available at quite a few outlets on the web but I'm directing anyone interested to purchase it at either CD Baby.com or iTunes as these are the outlets with which I have the most direct contact.

First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch

My 2nd CD, released in Jan. 2011, continues in the same vein as the 1st. 18 new pieces for solo piano in a variety of styles. I'd bet that, if you liked the 1st one, you'll enjoy this one as well!!

From The Silence

The 3rd CD, released in mid-2013. 19 solo piano pieces in a wide range of styles. Hey, if you liked the last 2, you'll like this one!!

Daydreams (Probably)

Here's my 4th CD, released in early 2017. It's a bit different from the others as I'm playing other instruments on some pieces besides piano, there are vocals on 2 tunes & 3 cover tunes. I think it's my best work yet & hope you'll take a listen.

Buying Or Downloading The Albums

You can go to store.cdbaby.com, search for me & it'll bring you to a page with my stuff on it. Same goes for iTunes & Amazon. I used to have personal links to my music but that seems to have gone away. If you're so inclined, you can also go to YouTube, search for me &, between some other stuff, there are many links to most of the pieces on all the albums.