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Rick Cutler: Journal

March 1, 2017

Here's a really nice interview that came out recently from AXS:

February 28, 2017

February 10, 2017

Transmitting From NYC...
Well, it's been a long, long time since I've entered anything on the site but today is very special as it marks the release of my 4th CD, Daydreams (Probably). I honestly feel that this is the best work I've done thus far & hope you may take a listen, even if it's just checking out some samples, on iTunes for example. Here, in addition to acoustic piano, I also play electric piano, drums, keyboards & soprano saxophone. Another new element is that I've included 3 cover tunes (2 with vocals). I chose 1 by Bob Dylan & 1 by Stevie Wonder that have been exisitng mostly under the radar of the more well-known tunes of their careers. My 21 year old daughter, Charlotte Durkee makes her recording debut here doing a very sweet rendition of Dylan's "Tommorow Is A Long Time" & my old friend Brance McKenzie, from Gregory Hines" touring band, does a beautiful version of Stevie's "Black Orchid." I also pay tribute to the great Wayne Shorter by covering his piece, "Sanctuary."
I also updated the music page of the site with samples of some of the tunes as well as adding a couple of reviews (including one from the Huffington Post) that I'm very happy with.
So there you have it! A new CD is out for all the world to hear & I hope that'll include you!
PS- For some strange reason, the press page lists the reviews from oldest to newest so you'll have to scroll down & give one or 2 extra clicks to see the most recent ones.

December 26, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
A couple of year end tidbits of news: Proud to say that I played on some cues for season 2 of the Netflix show, Lilyhammer. Steve Van Zandt mentioned every single musician by name in the closing credits. What a great guy! Also, the 3rd consecutive holiday show where I played drums & percussion as part of Lee Musiker's trio with the NY Philharmonic Brass Quintet at Avery Fisher Hall went great!
Wishing everyone a great holiday season & new year! Speak to you again in 2014.

November 15, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
We broke 100! 102 radio stations now playing tracks from the new "From The Silence" CD! Yay!

October 29, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
Happy to report that we're now up to 91 radio stations across the country & the web playing tracks from the new "From The Silence" CD.

October 25, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
Greetings & Happy Autumn! A new friend of mine, Richard Wilson, directed a few videos inspired by some pieces from the new CD. The pieces he used were Painted Air Delusions (titled simply Rick Cutler on the page), A Sideways Glance & Liquid Night Ballet. Here's a link to check them out: The audio is not perfect on all of them but you'll surely get the idea. Happy to report that we're up to 75 radio stations across the U.S. & on the web that are playing tracks from the CD.

August 20, 2013

Had a very fun time in the studio today playing drums & percussion for Stevie Van Zandt (Springsteen, The Sopranos) recording some music he composed for an upcoming TV show. There's a photo on the photo page to commemorate the occasion.

August 6, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
Some especially nice words on the new CD from the show Music Of The 21st Century on WXXI in Rochester, NY: "WOW! AT LAST. A decent solo piano CD. I love this. Good melodic content, rich harmonic background. This is really excellent." Thanks guys!

August 3, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
Happy to report that the new CD is now available on iTunes.

August 1, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
This coming Sunday 8/4, I'll be interviewed on Scott Raymond's show on WVKR in Poughkeepsie talking about the new CD. Should be on around 10-11AM. Anyone within range give a listen if you're so inclined. Scott's been a huge supporter of instrumental & indie music for a long time. He's a special guy!

July 30, 2013

Transmitting from NYC...
Well, the new releases are coming hot & heavy! Here's a link to a CD that just came out by the extremely talented Gary Haase:
Gary's talent is HUGE as an instrumentalist, arranger & composer & he's worked with some of the best. Check it out!
PS- I'm on cuts 1, 2, 4 & 7 :)

July 26, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
For the past 4-5 years I've been playing drums in monster guitarist Paul Metzke's trio. Now, finally, we have a CD out! He's the link where you can find it on CD Baby, Very proud to be playing with such an amazing player & to have some of this music out there for all to hear! Check it out!

July 16, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
Just a brief word to let you know that the new CD, "From The Silence" is now available at CD It usually takes a little longer to spread onto iTunes & other sites but it'll get there. In the meantime, here's the link to the CD Baby page: Hope you'll give a listen & find things to enjoy. There are also 3 tunes on the music page here.

June 3, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
I'm so happy to report that, after a few detours, the new CD, "From The Silence", will see the light of day on July 15! If you've heard any of the music from the prior 2 releases & enjoyed it, I think you'll be happy with the new music as it pretty much follows down the same path. As the date gets closer, I'll try to write a bit more about the specifics of the music & any other anecdotes that come to mind. As you can see, I've also changed the look of the site to commemorate the occasion.
Briefly, in other news, there are 2-3 other projects that I've worked on this year that should be out at some point. I'll keep you posted. More soon...

January 15, 2013

Transmitting From NYC...
Happy New Year!! It's been way too long since I updated here but better late than never, I guess. The biggest news is that, as of yesterday, CD#3 is complete!! Recorded, mixed & mastered...DONE!! I recorded 26 pieces in all out of which 19 will make it onto the final CD. I'm extremely pleased with the results & hope that you might check it out. At this point, I'm thinking it'll be out in the late spring/early summer. Now I move on to deciding on the cover art, layout & design. My amazing 17 year old stepdaughter Charlotte, who's a great artist, has already created a beautiful idea for the cover that's about 99.9% of what I envisioned so we're off & running.
In December I was on drums in Lee Musiker's trio along with the NY Philharmonic Principal Brass Quintet at Avery Fisher Hall for their annual Holiday Brass concert. This was the 2nd consecutive year that they asked the trio to guest with them &, once again, we had a great time. Lee is just an amazing musician & it's always so inspiring to play with & listen to him.
I'm still waiting for word on the release of guitarist Paul Metzke's CD that I worked on last year. I've sung Paul's praises here before so I won't repeat myself. Suffice to say, he's a great guitarist & I'm a lucky guy to be playing with someone who's worked with both Tony Williams & Elvin Jones & enjoys my playing enough to have me in his regular trio.
There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline which I'll report on when they bear some fruit. And, of course, I'll keep you posted on news as the new CD gets closer to release. Till then...

October 21, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
I'm happy to report that the recording of CD#3 is complete! We're now in the mixing stage & I recently had a brainstorm about the cover art & layout which, if it turns out the way I'm envisioning it, should be really cool.
I recorded 26 pieces as planned which translates to about 1 hour & 40 minutes of music...way longer than I'd anticipated. Now I have to decide what to release next year & what to save for CD#4. I suppose another option is to let the extra pieces come out in drips & drabs or as an EP. We'll see...
I've been posting photos of the process on the Facebook page & will try to get them up here as well. As things continue to move along, I'll keep you posted. Till then...

September 24, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
Well, I'm about 1/2-way through the recording of CD#3 & it's going really well. The piano sounds beautiful thanks to the expertise of my engineer, Larry Gates & I'm really pleased with the pace I've set for completing each piece. Hopefully the recording process will be done in 2 more sessions. Then onto mixing, mastering, cover art & design, etc., etc. It'll surely be available sometime in 2013. Till then, if you don't all-ready, check out my Facebook updates as I tend to put photos up there as well. In fact, if you enjoy my music, be my Facebook friend! I rarely say no to any requests. You can also "like" my "band" page. More coming soon...

August 21, 2012

Transmitting from NYC…
Just booked the first recording sessions for CD#3. It all begins in mid September.
I'll be using the great engineer Larry Gates once again and I can't wait to hear how these 26 new pieces sound with the benefit of his expertise. I'll surely keep you posted so stay tuned.

August 13, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...'s been awhile!! Just thought I'd check in with some updated news:
The CD I mentioned with Keith Loving, my old buddy from the Gregory Hines Band, was released about a month or so ago. I'm on drums for about half of it & keyboards for 1 tune. It's called, "Family Portrait" & I'd guess it'd be available at the usual internet indie sites. No further news about the album with Paul Metzke. Haven't spoken with him for awhile but I hope he's been spending his time doing some overdubs, editing & mixing. He's such a great guitarist, I'll be proud to have my name on that CD when it's released. And speaking of great guitarists, I'm in the process of starting a trans-Pacific project with another old friend, Hiroki Endo, who's based in Japan. It's kinda fun as I program the drums in NYC, email the file to him & he does the rest over there. We've done 1 tune so far & I'll keep you posted on how that progresses.
The most exciting news is that I'm going out to Sonic Park studios in Paramus, NJ later this week to check that their piano is as beautiful as it was when I recorded my last 2 CDs. If all is well, I'll be booking time to start recording CD#3! I'm hoping to begin recording before month's end. I'll surely keep you posted on that as well.
Till then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

June 17, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
I just added 2 photos from way back in the archives taken at the original recording sessions for Leonard Bernstein's Mass in 1971 at Columbia Records Studios. What a thrill it was to work with the Maestro who had more energy than the entire orchestra combined! (He conducted the entire piece). Another thrill was having lunch with him in the basement cafeteria of the infamous Watergate Hotel (pre-Watergate scandal) which was situated next-door to the Kennedy Center where the piece was premiered. Without a doubt, a career highlight!

June 16, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
Thought I'd give a little update as to what I've been up to over the past few weeks. In addition to continuing to practice like crazy towards recording CD#3 later this year, I recently played drums on a forthcoming CD from the great guitarist Paul Metzke (formerly with Tony Williams, Gil Evans, etc.) who I've been in a trio with for about 4 years. He calls the music "fusion/blues" which I suppose is pretty accurate. It was surely fun to play drums full-tilt with little or no restrictions. There's also a CD coming out soon by another guitarist, Keith Loving, my old buddy from the Gregory Hines band. I know I'm playing drums on there & there might even be some of my keyboard playing as well. Lastly, I just reunited with Michael Karp who I worked with for about 20 years, playing & co-writing music for TV. He called me to co-write some arrangements for "The Price Is Right." So there you have the spring highlights. Stay tuned for what the summer might bring!

May 5, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
This Tuesday's Old Changing Way show (9-11pm is all moon songs celebrating the Supermoon. My piece, "Wayne/Glimpses of the Moon" (from the Sanctuaries CD) should play around 9:40PM. Continued thanks to Steve Pollitt & Cindy Beaule for their support of my music!
Looks like I'll be recording the next CD at some point over the summer. Greatly looking forward to it & to see if these 25 new pieces will fit on one CD! Also supposed to be doing some recording on drums later this month with the great guitarist Paul Metzke. I'll keep you posted on all fronts. Till then, enjoy your spring!

March 7, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
Well, friends & fans, a rather large chapter of my musical life has come to an end. Liza Minnelli & I have parted ways. It's been a total of over 20 years that I worked with her....12 part-time & 8 full-time. I served as both her keyboardist, drummer &, on a few occasions, conductor & am extremely proud of every note I played with her. I circled the world more than once, performing everywhere from Moscow to Tokyo to all over Europe & South America. From Carnegie Hall & Radio City Music Hall in NYC to the Hollywood Bowl to the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Olympia in Paris & the Sydney Opera House in Australia. I performed on her CD & DVD "Live From Radio City Music Hall" in 1991 all the way to her Tony-winning & Grammy-nominated Broadway show, "Liza's At The Palace" in 2008-2009. TV appearances from "Oprah", "Good Morning America", "The View" & "The Apprentice" in the US to live concert TV appearances in Europe & Japan.
As to why we've parted ways, I honestly don't know except to say that she's probably hearing something different coming from the drums other than what I've been delivering for the past year & a half. That's an artist's right & I respect that. Many of music's greats made similar changes at certain points in their careers. Or maybe it's just that she wants a younger, better-looking guy with hair. I'll probably never know but will say again that I'm very proud of my work with her & gave 1,000% to every note I played. It's been quite a run & I feel privileged to have been able to accompany her amazing talent for so long.
So where does that leave me? At least for the present, parked in NYC, practicing hard towards recording my 3rd CD sometime later this year which I hope to release in early 2013. That & the life of a free-lance musician, which has served me well my entire career. There are a couple of projects brewing that I'll let you know about as the time draws nearer to them being let loose on the world. I also recently had the opportunity to submit 3 tunes for an upcoming documentary on the great director David Lynch. Keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of them makes the final cut.
And there you have the latest. Until next time, Happy Spring!

February 7, 2012

Transmitting From NYC...
Coming off a really fun show with Liza at NJPAC this past Saturday. It'd been 2-3 months since we were all together &, with only a soundcheck, it came off like a charm. A testament to how good a band we have &, of course, how good Liza is.
In other news of note, it's looking like I'll start to record CD#3 sometime either in the Spring or Summer towards a release probably in the early part of 2013. I've got about 30 new pieces I'm wading through deciding which will make the cut. At this point, things seem to be leaning towards another solo piano album but you never know. Keep checking in for any more news or updates. In the meantime, I'll be practicing up a storm towards the 1st day in the studio.
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