Transmitting From NYC... Greetings! It's been awhile. The last month or so has been a bit on the quiet side. The major highlight would have to be the 1st recording session for the next CD which occurred at the end of Jan. It was a small band setting & we worked on 4 tunes. When I started thinking about this project I was convinced that I wanted to move on from solo piano into something more. Although there was a lot of worthwhile stuff recorded that day, when returning to the proverbial drawing board & looking at what music I had to work with, my instincts seem to be pulling me back into the solo zone. As a result, the next chapters in the recording process will almost surely be a session or 2 of solo piano music. The process of giving birth to this next CD will continue to be an adventure & I greatly look forward to seeing where the music takes me. Another highlight of Jan. was spending a day in the studio with my old buddy Lee Musiker (musical director for Tony Bennett) playing drums on a new CD for singer Ashley Brown (who recently starred as Mary Poppins on Broadway). Lee is truly one of the unsung greats & his playing always inspires. I head back out on the road with Liza in a couple of weeks. These will be the 1st shows since the run at the Palace & it'll be fun to see everyone again. As always, if there's any news of note, I'll faithfully report here.

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