Greetings.... This past Monday, my wife & I attended a screening of a newly remastered special called, "Liza With A Z" that Ms. Minnelli did in the early '70s. She's just an amazingly talented performer &, as one speaker said at the event, we should be paying more attention to her talent than the tales told about her in the tabloids. It'll be on the Showtime network in April as well as being released on DVD. I'd recommend any aspiring singer/dancer/actor to check it out & see how it's done for real! The after-party was fun. I love to look for celebs on the occasions when I get to mingle in this kind of company. My favorite citing was a table consisting of John Waters, Parker Posey & Antonio Banderas. Wish I had the nerve to go up & tell John & Parker how much I love their work! Check out Parker in "Waiting For Guffman" or "Best In Show"....amazing! John Waters is a film legend, of course. I'll never forget seeing "Pink Flamingos" for the 1st time. A true original. Just got my travel plans for shows in April that'll have us back in Amsterdam & then Budapest. I'm sure I'll check-in with updates from there, if not sooner.

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