Transmitting From NYC... Happy New Year!! It's been way too long since I updated here but better late than never, I guess. The biggest news is that, as of yesterday, CD#3 is complete!! Recorded, mixed & mastered...DONE!! I recorded 26 pieces in all out of which 19 will make it onto the final CD. I'm extremely pleased with the results & hope that you might check it out. At this point, I'm thinking it'll be out in the late spring/early summer. Now I move on to deciding on the cover art, layout & design. My amazing 17 year old stepdaughter Charlotte, who's a great artist, has already created a beautiful idea for the cover that's about 99.9% of what I envisioned so we're off & running. In December I was on drums in Lee Musiker's trio along with the NY Philharmonic Principal Brass Quintet at Avery Fisher Hall for their annual Holiday Brass concert. This was the 2nd consecutive year that they asked the trio to guest with them &, once again, we had a great time. Lee is just an amazing musician & it's always so inspiring to play with & listen to him. I'm still waiting for word on the release of guitarist Paul Metzke's CD that I worked on last year. I've sung Paul's praises here before so I won't repeat myself. Suffice to say, he's a great guitarist & I'm a lucky guy to be playing with someone who's worked with both Tony Williams & Elvin Jones & enjoys my playing enough to have me in his regular trio. There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline which I'll report on when they bear some fruit. And, of course, I'll keep you posted on news as the new CD gets closer to release. Till then...

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