Transmitting From NYC... Greetings...it's been awhile!! Just thought I'd check in with some updated news: The CD I mentioned with Keith Loving, my old buddy from the Gregory Hines Band, was released about a month or so ago. I'm on drums for about half of it & keyboards for 1 tune. It's called, "Family Portrait" & I'd guess it'd be available at the usual internet indie sites. No further news about the album with Paul Metzke. Haven't spoken with him for awhile but I hope he's been spending his time doing some overdubs, editing & mixing. He's such a great guitarist, I'll be proud to have my name on that CD when it's released. And speaking of great guitarists, I'm in the process of starting a trans-Pacific project with another old friend, Hiroki Endo, who's based in Japan. It's kinda fun as I program the drums in NYC, email the file to him & he does the rest over there. We've done 1 tune so far & I'll keep you posted on how that progresses. The most exciting news is that I'm going out to Sonic Park studios in Paramus, NJ later this week to check that their piano is as beautiful as it was when I recorded my last 2 CDs. If all is well, I'll be booking time to start recording CD#3! I'm hoping to begin recording before month's end. I'll surely keep you posted on that as well. Till then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

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