Long Overdue Update

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've updated this page so here goes with the latest stuff: The Women & Children album has been very well received worldwide over the past year or so.

Since the release, I've been busy doing a few things. First, I completed all of the work for the next album which will be coming out next year. Except for creating the actual CD itself, that's pretty much in the rear view mirror. In the fall, I'll be putting out 2 digital singles. A duet with the great guitarist Vinnie Zummo (formerly with Joe Jackson). It's 2 versions of the same piece. Stay tuned in to my Facebook page for more updates on that. Also, a documentary film where I co-wrote the music is finally scheduled to be released mid-June on Amazon Prime. It's about the writer Elmore Leonard & is called, "Elmore Leonard: But Don't Try To Write." Again, there'll be more on the FB page as the date gets closer.

In addition, I've been writing more & more & pretty much have the music ready for the CD after next year's release. I guess that'll see the light of day sometime around 2024. I hope to begin recording in the fall of 2022. All that & FINALLY trying to teach myself a music notation program. Something that's been long overdue. It'll be nice to hand out parts that are easy to read & to look at instead of copies of my pencil scratches that've been the norm for the longest time. (Well, they're not scratches, the musicians can read them pretty easily, but the new parts will almost look professional!) I've always strived for professionalism as my wife well knows! (Private joke). Hope to update here more regularly. Till then, be well & stay safe!