Lots Of New Music Coming Soon!!

There's a whole bunch of new music coming over the next few months. 1st, in November, will be The Black & Blue Sessions Vol. 1 that'll include the 1st in a series of pieces using loops & samples. WAY different than anything else I've done. The music is kind of crazy & bizarre. I guess you could also call it avant-garde. So don't expect anything similar to what you've heard in the past. You have to be willing to stretch your mind a bit to listen. The Black & Blue Sessions, Vol. 2 will follow in May 2023. These pieces were created pretty much out of necessity. I badly injured my left arm towards the beginning of the year & was unable to play my instruments. However, it didn't hinder my use of the computer so I was able to point, click, copy, paste, etc. So I dove into Logic , my music composition program that includes thousands of loops, & began creating these pieces.  

In March of 2023, a new album of more "normal" music will be released titled "The Unfolding." This continues in the same vein as the 1st 5 albums with instrumentations of solo piano thru quintet. Highlights are a cover version of Thomas Dolby's "Airwaves" along with a beautiful piece by Hiroki Endo called "Butterfly." Hiroki is a Tokyo-based guitarist as well as an old friend. While he was in NYC, we formed a band called "My Parents", which I still think is the best band name ever created. Other musicians performing include former Sonny Rollins pianist Mark Soskin as well as the great jazz drummer Billy Mintz. 

So there's a big bag of new stuff headed your way! Hope you check it out & find something to enjoy!