Transmitting From NYC... Thought I'd give a little update as to what I've been up to over the past few weeks. In addition to continuing to practice like crazy towards recording CD#3 later this year, I recently played drums on a forthcoming CD from the great guitarist Paul Metzke (formerly with Tony Williams, Gil Evans, etc.) who I've been in a trio with for about 4 years. He calls the music "fusion/blues" which I suppose is pretty accurate. It was surely fun to play drums full-tilt with little or no restrictions. There's also a CD coming out soon by another guitarist, Keith Loving, my old buddy from the Gregory Hines band. I know I'm playing drums on there & there might even be some of my keyboard playing as well. Lastly, I just reunited with Michael Karp who I worked with for about 20 years, playing & co-writing music for TV. He called me to co-write some arrangements for "The Price Is Right." So there you have the spring highlights. Stay tuned for what the summer might bring!

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