Back in Berlin for a short stay... We're doing a private show here tomorrow night. Just flew in early this morning & going home on Sunday. It's been awhile since I last wrote here. I've been spending hours & hours over the past few weeks in the world of real estate! Concentrating on the sale of our home in upstate NY & acquiring our new one in NYC. Glad to report that it looks like we'll be new residents of lower Manhattan sometime in mid-July! As any of you who've read some of these previous entries know, I cannot wait to get back to NYC! As I was driving to the airport yesterday afternoon, going over the GWB, onto the Harlem River Drive & over the Triborough Bridge, I was drinking in every traffic jam, every steel pipe lying in the middle of the highway just waiting for someone to run over it & every crazy driver as though it were the most delicious meal you could imagine! I can't guarantee , after I'm back in-town for awhile, that all of this will remain as poetic, but for now, I'm devouring the energy like crazy! Musically, we're supposed to do a tour in July of some interesting places concentrated in & around the Middle East & there's still that rock n' roll project looming that I'll be playing drums for. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have more to report on that soon. Also, continuing to gather music for the next CD &, after our move is complete, hoping to pick up more of the ball in getting "Sanctuaries" into the hands of more people. It's VERY widely distributed online, I'm happy to say, & the downloads are slow but steady. Thanks to those of you who've checked it out. More soon...

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