Transmitting From Perugia, Italy... An incredibly charming town nestled atop the countryside in the south of Italy. Tons of old stone buildings that speak of that special charm you can only find in Europe. We're playing tonight as part of the 9-day Umbria Jazz Festival in a huge outdoor arena. Just to show you what the word "jazz" can mean nowadays, on the same stage last night was Santana, tonight there'll be us & Friday will be Prince! I caught a bit of Santana's set last night &, even though I'm not a huge fan, you can't deny that he always has a killin' band. Rhythm is his trademark & his rhythm sections are always on fire. It'll be quite a different vibe with our show tonight & it'll be interesting to see how the mood shifts to the music Liza brings. She's certainly a force to be reckoned with so, I have no doubt, she'll command the stage like only she can. Because of the festival, the town is overflowing with people & many restaurants & bars will stay open until 3AM (even longer, I'm told, if you give them the right nudge). That's way past my bedtime (well, a little past my bedtime), so I won't be around to experience that. As we enter the final week of this tour, tomorrow we head to Montreux, Switzerland to play at that very famous jazz festival on Friday. More from there...

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