Transmitting from Amsterdam... Back in Europe for a few days for 2 shows. One here tonight, then off to Budapest tomorrow for one on Monday night. Looking forward to that as it'll be my 1st time there. It's always fun to experience a country for the 1st time. I recently heard that songs from my CD will soon be available for download for customers of Verizon Wireless. Think I might partake of that myself! It'd be fun to have one of my own songs as a ringtone on my cell. April is a big month of travel for me & my family. I only wish that we could be together for more of it! Both my wife Julie & I are on the road at different times on work-related projects. Me to Europe, her to Arizona. As soon as I get back, she'll be leaving with my daughter to Montreal for a school trip. I'll be holding down the fort at home. Luckily, we all end the month together on a short vacation to Maui. I'm not a huge fan of water sports or activities but Maui is so beautiful it doesn't matter. It'll be my 2nd trip there (& the 1st purely for vacation) so I'm looking forward to it. Then it'll be back to NY to start our search for our new NYC home. As I've already stated here, I can't wait to get back & have already heard from friends things like "When you get back...etc.etc." meaning that there could be some fun music on the horizon. Hope so!

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