Transmitting From NYC... A note of tribute to one of my all-time favorite musicians, Joe Zawinul, who passed away today. Joe was a pioneer, a true original, a master. He was one of the founding fathers of electric jazz & greatly influenced generations of musicians. He was also a big influence on the great Miles Davis. His music, especially the music he made in those formative years when jazz started to combine with elements of electric music, is some of my favorite music ever created anywhere, ever! I was able to see him perform many times, with different versions of the great band he co-led with Wayne Shorter, Weather Report, as well as with his last band, The Zawinul Syndicate. Although I never met him, I did get to shake his hand on his way off-stage after a burning set at the Blue Note here in NYC. It was a thrill. Here's to you, Joe. Your music & spirit will remain strong for many generations to come.

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