Transmitting From Santander, Spain... We´ve been out on the road for a little over a week now. For those of you who keep up with this blog, you might be wondering why its taken me so long to post an update. The reason is two-fold: Firstly, both my wife & daughter have accompanied me on this trip which is much fun but also limits the amount of time I normally have to sit at my laptop to post news here. Secondly, my wife´s laptop (which I was using for internet access on this trip....why bring 2 computers, right?) was stolen from our hotel lobby in Barcelona. As a result, I´m writing this from the current hotel´s business center & have a little over 20 minutes of time left on the 5 Euro access pass I bought before getting bumped off. A nuisance to be sure but one that I´ll have to live with for the next week before we head home. Briefly, the shows have gone very well, especially the last one in Madrid. We have a day off today, then a gig here tomorrow before moving on to Monte Carlo on Thurs. Hope to post at least one more update on this trip. If not, I´ll try to catch everything up from memory when back in NYC next week.

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