Transmitting From Woonsocket, RI... One more cool thing from this trip to report. Last night, after our soundcheck, (thanks to Chuck Wilson, one of our woodwind players), we were able to run out to the parking lot behind the theatre to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station streaking across the sky. Very cool! Chuck is a space/astronomy buff & mentioned that, if the night was clear, we'd be able to see it at around 5:30PM. Well, it was & we did! It appeared as a brightly lit, but moving, star...about the size of Venus in the night sky. I've always been a fan of NASA, the space program & astronomy in general, although not to Chuck's level. I will tell you that my name is on Mars. Maybe someday I'll go into the details of that but, I assure you, it's true! And now, 1 more show & home to NYC....YES!!

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