Transmitting From Portland, ME... We arrived this afternoon for a show tomorrow before heading home on Thurs. We're also supposed to be doing Good Morning America on Friday morning as well as The View next Tues. The show with rock singer Tiyee that I mentioned last time seems to be on for this coming Sat. at around 11:45AM at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Queens. It's a benefit for victims of domestic abuse so it's surely a worthy cause. I'm told we'll be doing a short 30 minute set so, if you're in the neighborhood, come on down. The stage area, from what I can gather, will be in the vicinity of Macy's. The latest news on the upcoming CD is that it will be let loose upon the world in Jan. 2011. This is to allow proper lead time for some advance print & web PR to be worked out & put into motion. I'm hoping for some reviews this time around & maybe some radio airplay & interviews. My interview on Scott Raymond's show, originally scheduled for this Sun., has been pushed back to Jan. so that it will coincide with the official release. Portland is a very sweet, quaint town on the water. We just returned from a great lobster dinner. I know that Maine is famous for lobsters but didn't know that it's also famous for blueberries. The blueberry cobbler we had for dessert supports that claim extremely well. It's a busy, busy time & I'll be working hard when I return home to find time to get all the proper elements in place for the new CD to make a bit of a bigger splash this time. It's quite an education being an indie artist but it seems as though that's the direction a lot of music that's not geared for the masses is heading. Should be quite a ride. More next week from Dallas...

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