Greetings.... It's been quite awhile since I last wrote an update here. I've been spending tons of time on the phone dealing with matters of moving to NYC which, I'm happy to report, will be happening next week. The funny thing is that I'll be taking quite a circuitous route from our current home in upstate NY to our new one. Next Tuesday I'll be leaving our upstate home for the last time but instead of heading to our new one, will be going to the airport for a 10-day tour that will take us to Bonn, Germany & Athens, Greece. Only upon my return will I then head directly to our new NYC pad for the 1st time. I'm greatly looking forward to a return to city life as I know now that NYC will always be my real home. Out of the drudgery of going through tons of boxes & throwing out lots of old stuff so as to adequately downsize to accomodate the move to a smaller space, was discovering a number of manuscripts of old music I'd written, some of which I will surely include on the next CD. I'm sure I'll write a bit more from the road as I usually do. There's bound to be stories to tell. Till then...

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