Transmitting from Antwerp, Belgium... It's almost 5:30AM here & I am in the throes of jetlag. I haven't gotten a normal night's sleep in 2 days due to not being very good at sleeping on planes & being a little nervous about my new job as rehearsal pianist for Ms. Minnelli & company. I was informed a day before we left for this tour that I'd be asked to play rehearsal piano for the dance rehearsals that are being held while we're out here. I always get a little nervous when asked to do some new keyboard duties. This pretty much comes from a kind of "fear of the unknown" mentality that I must work on to improve. If you didn't know, I'm originally, & still am, a drummer. All of the work I've done over the years as a keyboardist has pretty much fallen in my lap. I've been very lucky in that regard & in the fact that some not-too-shabby employers have thought enough of my playing to have me around. Still, because of the fact that I'll probably always think of myself as a drummer 1st, I do get nervous on the brink of some new keyboard experience & put myself through some pretty ruthless mental soap opera as to my qualifications. Happily, the 1st rehearsal went fine & Liza couldn't have been nicer. It's inspiring to see someone with her experience feel so energetic & youthful about the new project she's working on. Although she's known as a show business legend, she's creative in the extreme & is always looking for something new to do or add to her performance. It's a very youthful spirit & one that I think we can all learn from. Staying creatively vital keeps you young...simple as that. Well, I'm off to give sleep another try. We have a show here tonight & will hit 3 other cities before heading home. Hope to have more to tell soon...

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