Transmitting From St. Louis, MO... On the road again! It certainly has been awhile! I'm out here doing a couple of Liza Minnelli shows this weekend. One in St. Louis & one on Sunday in Chicago. It's a bit of a different chapter as I've been asked to play drums this time around which is much fun. Also, the core band being used is just a sextet, down from the usual 12. There've been some new arrangements written for this configuration & it's a refreshing change. Almost has a small jazz group vibe. Very enjoyable. Peppered in with the sextet shows are some with symphony orchestras as well. Still, it looks like there'll be sextet segments along with the orchestral ones. The other major piece of news is that I recently finished recording my 2nd CD. Once again, it's all solo piano. I must tell you that the sound of the piano on this one is phenomenal thanks to my old friend Larry Gates, who engineered & mixed it. I'm now moving into the post production world of designing the cover with the help of some very talented friends. I'm also hoping to find outlets for deeper distribution this time around so that I might be able to rise a bit above being a complete indie artist from top to bottom. There's no set time yet for it to be released upon the world but I'll surely make it known here when that day arrives. As of now, I'd guess late summer or early fall. And there you have it. As always with these journal entries from the road, when there's news to report, I will. More soon...

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