Transmitting from Stockholm, Sweden... We arrived in mid-afternoon & I just got back from a very nice dinner followed by some coffee & dessert at an outdoor cafe. The weather's beautiful here, even a bit warmer than Copenhagen which I wasn't expecting. Right on the spring/summer borderline during the day & a drop cooler at night. We had a brief false alarm when our bus driver dropped us off at the wrong hotel. Imagine our surprise when we tried to check-in & there was no record of any reservations for our entire group! Luckily he didn't drive away & we were able to find the right one fairly quickly. Last night in Copenhagen was fun as I was able to go to the Copenhagen Jazz House to hear the great jazz saxophonist Dave Liebman who was there with a quartet. Very adventurous music. It made me realize how long it'd been since going to hear music in a club. Lately it's been leaning more towards concert halls & larger venues. Made me miss the club vibe. I hope that some people I'm into pass through NYC in a club environment soon. There's nothing quite like it. What a difference a day makes dept: Yesterday I was in a luxuriously large (especially for Europe) hotel room, in an honest-to-God kingsize bed with a great water view. Today my room is more like a cubicle with a single (not full, mind you) but SINGLE bed. It feels more like a nicely furnished cell! I guess the good news is that we're only here for 2 nights. From the little bit I experienced from the drive in from the airport & walking around, Stockholm is a beautiful & very interesting city. There are parts that definitely reminded me more of the U.S. & then you'd turn a corner & be surrounded by a Parisian-like European charm. Unusual in that regard. Of course, with hardly any time to explore before heading to Finland on Sat., this, I'm sure, is far from the definitive word. It'd be nice to come back at some point & check more things out. That's the update for today. More from Finland if not sooner.

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