Transmitting From Dallas, TX... Things continue to be busy. We arrived this afternoon for 2 symphony shows tomorrow & Sat. before heading home Sun. We also performed 1 song on the ABC show, The View, this past Tues. which was fun. It seems as though, as soon as I get to the hotel these days, I'm on the phone or answering emails dealing with elements of the upcoming CD release. It's become a way bigger project than the 1st one, as far as promoting it & I really hope it results in getting the music heard by many more people. We're located across the street from a huge mall & I just returned from taking a stroll through it. Malls are not really my thing & why are so many of them called The Galleria? Well, I just looked up the word in the dictionary & got my answer: "Galleria, noun, a covered or enclosed area, esp. one with commercial establishments for shopping, dining, etc." I had no idea that Galleria is a synonym for mall! Consider yourself enlightened! That's about it for now. Next time there's news of note, I'll surely let you know. Till then...

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