Transmitting from NYC... I just had a rather unique experience. The other day I got a call from my old friend Lou Forestieri who I used to do quite a bit of work with here before he moved to Los Angeles where he's become quite successful composing music for TV & films. He's about to begin working on music for a film that's being shot in Prague. In it, there's an actor that plays the part of a jazz drummer. The only thing is, the actor hired for the part has no idea how to play drums. Lou asked me to spend a little time with him & show him enough of the basic ingredients that would make someone look like they knew what they were doing when sitting behind a drumset. Basically faking it, but realistic enough to make it believable to the movie-going public. I just met with him & gave him his drum "lesson", basically showing him how to hold the sticks along with the basic body language that most drummers have. He leaves for Prague tomorrow & starts filming next week. I forgot to ask him the name of the film but it sounds like it will be a foreign film that may or may not see release here. If I find out the name I'll pass it along. Then you'll know that it was me who taught the drummer in the film all he knows about drumming in 1 short lesson! Obviously, his talent as an actor will be the final touch in making it all believable. Hope I get to see it. It'll be fun to know that I had some small part in helping him with his performance.

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