Transmitting from Palm Beach, Florida... 1st road trip of the year & it's a short one. We arrived here yesterday, are doing a show tonight & will return home tomorrow. There are a few little bits of news to report. 1st off, I was recently contacted by an internet radio station called Never Ending Wonder who was interested in playing my "Sanctuaries" CD. I sent them a copy as well as doing a station ID for them so, if you're so inclined, give a listen. They're also supposed to have a copy of the CD available for listeners who make a small donation to the station as a gift. The station is based in Portland, OR & it's nice to know that the music is getting out there to some degree. I recently had the thrill of shaking the hand of film director David Lynch at a book signing in NYC. I've been a huge fan of his for many years & it's always very special when you're able to share a moment or 2 with people who's work you've absolutely loved for a long, long time. The only other time I went to the trouble of attending one of these in-store appearances was to meet Billy Cox , the last bassist with Jimi Hendrix. Also a thrill, needless to say, to be staring rock n' roll history right in the face! On the home front, our apartment is undergoing a major renovation project that's expected to last around 2 months so I'm sharing our space with the work crew on a daily basis. As they're presently working on our living room, I have no access to our piano which is a drag. I'm a prisoner of my bedroom when I'm home. I have to start getting crafty as to finding things to do & places to go to pass the downtime. With the cold weather finally here, it somewhat limits the pleasure of walking around town which I love to do. I'll figure something out here & there, don't worry. That about wraps it up for now. I'll be spending a fair amount of time in Florida over the next month or so. A nice break from the winter cold. Looks like there might be some nice tours overseas later in the year as well. I'll keep you posted with any news worth mentioning as it comes in. Till then...

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