Transmitting From NYC... I just did a really nice radio interview with Dennis Raimondi for his show which airs on KRUU-FM. Dennis' list of interviewees over the years has been very impressive, from President Obama to Hilary Clinton to film director David Lynch & composer Angelo Badalamenti, so I'm honored that he felt compelled to get in touch. His show comes out of Farifield, IA but can be heard on many stations, both here & abroad. It was especially rewarding as, in addition to music, we delved a bit into the spiritual aspects of creativity. It will be aired this coming Tuesday, April 19 at 2 pm EST and again the following Thursday, April 21 at 9 am EST. Anyone, anywhere can listen live by going to www.kruufm.com and clicking where it says "Listen Live." As this was pre-recorded, it'll also be fun to listen in & see if I honored the English language in any way. I did, I assure you, construct fairly decent & coherent sentences for the most part. Dennis also has a nice site at www.speakingfreelywithdennis.com. Check it out!

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