Transmitting From Los Angeles, CA... We just finished doing 2 shows at the Hollywood Bowl, a venue I'd heard much about but never worked until now. It carries much history including shows by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix &, I believe, the last show of Miles Davis, among thousands of others. It's quite beautiful as it's nestled in a wooded area although, holding upwards of 19,000 seats, I wouldn't call it intimate. Still, it's quite a cool view from the stage. We're staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel which, I've been told, includes a haunted room where the spirit of Montgomery Clift still pays visits from time-to-time. Another 1st for me was renting a hybrid car that took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to start. The key mechanism doesn't look like a normal one & is just a small oval shaped piece of metal that only has to be in the vicinity of the engine to activate it. To start the car, you simply push a button. For any future 1st time hybrid users, heed my advice when trying to get the car in drive, keep your foot on the brake! My family is here with me which makes it an especially fun trip. We'll be heading down to San Diego today for a kind of mini-vacation before heading home on Wednesday. On Sept. 18, I'll be reconvening on drums with guitarist Paul Metzke's trio at the Port 41 bar in NYC. It's a fun gig & an interesting place. Kind of sleazy but cool. Please come down if you're so inclined. Next road-wise is a week in Las Vegas at the end of Sept. More from there if not sooner...

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