Still in Finland... ...and still in the midst of jetlag after almost 12 days on the road! This has to be a 1st! It's around 4:25AM here &, although I did manage a couple of hours of sleep so far tonight, here I am, up & at it again at an ungodly hour. I became inspired to write this entry by reading a blog that the keyboardist on Bjork's current tour is keeping on her website. I'm going to see her at Radio City on Wed. Should be fun. Here's a couple of news items from this tour that I didn't yet mention: The stage we performed on in Stockholm is the very same one where the Nobel prizes are given out each year (with the exception of the Peace prize). Also, the president of Finland was in the audience at our show here tonight & guess what...it's a woman. Who knew? Not me. A harbinger of things to come in the U.S.? We'll see. OK..let's try sleep one more time. Goodnight...

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