Transmitting From Montreux, Switzerland... A gorgeous little town located on a huge lake surrounded by mountains small & large, this is the home of the Montreux Jazz Festival, an annual event I've known of for decades but never attended or played, until tomorrow that is. We'll be playing the Miles Davis Hall, one of the 2 bigger venues (the other named Auditorium Stravinski) so we'll have musical royalty looking down on us. After checking into the hotel, I noticed much commotion down by the lakeside so I hurried down hoping to find some major cultural exhibition about jazz or at least a lot of little shops & stands with jazz-like themes. No such luck. It was simply your average NYC-style street fair with tons of misc. vendors selling tons of stuff of no interest to me. It was still a nice stroll around such a picturesque area & I'll probably head down tomorrow with my camera to grab a few shots (of the lake & mountains, not the vendors). Travel today was long, around 8 hrs. door-to-door, but, for some reason, it didn't feel as long as the other day. After our show tomorrow, we'll head out Sat. to Vienna, another 1st for me. Especially significant as I'm 1/2 Austrian on my mother's side so I'll get a little taste of my roots.

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