Some random thoughts from NYC... Tonight I'll be playing drums at a very nice club in midtown Manhattan called Enzo's with the extremely talented pianist David Budway who I met last Spring when he filled-in one night with Liza. There are many, many well-kept secrets in the NYC music world & he is surely one of them. Someone who deserves much wider exposure & recognition. We're supposed to be doing a night of Beatles tunes which should be much fun, especially without any rehearsal!! Also, I've started searching out ways of doing more PR (radio play, press, etc.) for my CD, "Sanctuaries." It's the way of the indie artist & I've just begun to look into how to play that game. I was hoping to delve more into this during the Spring & Summer but was so busy with our move & all that it entailed that I got totally sidetracked. I'm happy to say that I'm back on the case & will be trying to get the music heard more & more. If there's any news along these lines, I'll mention it here. I've also been loving NYC more than ever & appreciating all it has to offer, from the greatest in all of the arts to the incredible collection of people you see on any given day on the streets & subways. It's hard to believe I ever thought I wanted to leave. Next week I'm off to San Diego for 2 days with Liza. I'll update here with any interesting news. Till then...

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