Transmitting from Coral Springs, FL... We're here for a 10-day tour of 4 Florida cities. Just did the 1st show last night which went well. We've added 7 new arrangements to the show which are very challenging. They're written by master arranger Don Sebesky who always keeps you on your toes. I've added a 2nd keyboard to my road rig to accomodate the extra sounds I need. While most of the parts themselves aren't the most difficult as far as playing the notes on the page, the "choreography" of getting from one sound to the next within a second or 2 can be a challenge. If any keyboard players are reading this, they'll know just what I'm talking about. For those of you who are not musicians, my apologies for the slight technical rant. For the non-techies, all this means is that I have to push a lot of buttons really fast & make sure I do it on the right instrument. (Remember there are 2 now). Liza has added 4 singers who are doing a great job of singing very tight & sometimes complex harmonies. Our next show isn't until Thurs. so I have the problem of finding ways to kill time until then. For today, I'll hit the hotel gym & attend a birthday party at the home of Liza's manager. We're driving ourselves from town-to-town in mini-vans which is actually kinda fun. Even though Florida isn't even close to my favorite place on Earth, it's nice to be in some warmer weather with some down time. I'll write again soon with any interesting updates.

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