Transmitting tonight from Athens, Greece... We just arrived today for 2 shows in mid-week here. It's pretty late now & I'm pretty tired but just wanted to mention that I just uploaded a photo of the venue we'll be playing. It's called The Theatre of Herod Atticus & is part of the Acropolis. It was originally built around 160 AD & has gone through many stages of repair & disrepair since then. It's now used for many types of performances. I performed here with Liza in 1996 & remember it well. The coolest thing is that the performers on-stage are actually facing the Acropolis so we have an amazing view! Also on this trip I'm hoping to visit one of the Greek islands. I wasn't able to do that last time &, from what everyone seems to say, the islands are where you'll find the most beautiful parts of the country. Well, off to grab some sleep. Goodnite...

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