Transmitting from Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada... Yes, there is a town called Niagra Falls in addition to the actual Falls themselves. Don't think I ever knew that. I was able to have lunch today next to a huge bay window overlooking the Falls which was pretty cool. We're here for 2 shows, tonight & tomorrow, before heading back to NYC for 4 days. Then we'll be leaving for Europe for about a week & a half. Today was a milestone in my hotel-stay history. For the 1st time, I actually requested my room be changed beause of the internet connection being painfully slow. The hotel promised that there was wireless access in every room but, in my 1st room, it varied from non-existent to slow beyond belief. I requested changing to a room that gave me the option of hardwiring with an ethernet cable & now I'm a happy guy. (Although, for some reason, the wireless hook-up in the new room works fine). Guess my 1st room was just situated in a weird spot to catch the signal adequately. I'm even putting up with being in a smoking room to get on-line. Mostly that means putting up with the smell of whatever the housecleaning department uses to hide the smell of smoke. It doesn't work at all although it doesn't smell of smoke, it smells of an attempt to cover up the smell of smoke which is almost as bad. Oh well...as long as I can log-on I'll put up with almost anything. And there you have my big news of the day! Hope to have more interesting stories to tell from Europe. More soon...

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