Transmitting From Monte Carlo, Monaco... Here I am, back in the playground of the wealthy after about a 4 year absence. It's actually my 3rd time here, each time at the same hotel. I was impressed when, upon checking in, the hotel all ready had all of my passport info stored on their computer from my last stay which sped up the process considerably. That was a 1st as far as having my passport info kept on file. Guess they must have a database of every single hotel guest which must be massive. I like my room. It's a nice size & actually down one level from the lobby which, even though it's not underground, makes me think of it more like a cave. There's no view to speak of so I keep the curtains closed which adds to the cave-like ambiance. The city is undeniably pretty, right on the Mediterranean, with many, many extremely expensive yachts parked in its harbor as well as tons of high-priced cars everywhere you look. Just not my cup of tea, though. Kind of like Palm Springs, CA & Las Vegas combined X 1,000. Oh well, I'm glad I have my little cave of a room as a respite. We'll be doing 2 shows here, tomorrrow & Wed. before heading home Thurs. & that'll pretty much do it for summer touring. Between whatever other free-lance work happens to come in before our next travelling (most likely in the Fall), I'm planning on getting back to writing for the next CD which is going wonderfully well. New pieces are coming at a lively pace. Soon, I'll also be looking into the viability of re-releasing my 1st CD, Sanctuaries, utilizing a similar marketing campaign done for the most recent one. I don't think the Sanctuaries music really got a chance to get out there as I was a new & green indie artist. Now that I have a bit more experience on how to do things to better effect, I might give it another go around. Then, it'll be onto recording CD #3, probably in 2012. And that's about all the latest news I can think of. Until next time...

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