Back in West Palm Beach, Florida... One of the nice perks of being a musician on the road sometimes is when your intinerary lands you in a place where temperatures are in the 60s, 70s & 80s while, back home, it's big-time winter weather. This is our 2nd trip to Florida so far this year...another short one...to be followed by a 10-day tour of Florida starting next weekend. So, I'm getting some summer mixed in with my winter. Nice when it happens. A couple of the guys in Liza's band recently discovered that I've been writing this blog so here's a special shout-out to them. As you'll see, I only tell the truth here...as bitter & ugly as it is. (That's a joke, folks...not about telling the truth....the bitter & ugly part). As I mentioned above, I'll be back down here in a week or so. Hopefully there'll be some interesting stories to tell. Till then...

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