Transmitting From Cordoba, Argentina... Well, here we are at the last stop on this tour. All in all, even though it seemed gruelling while looking at the itinerary before we left, because of the great work of the local crews, it's been pretty much of a breeze logistically. The highlight I'd have to say would have been our day off in Rio which I'll describe a bit here: I surely heard some of the best Brazilian music of my life in a very small club in the middle of a section called Lapa, which appears to be the area with the most to offer as far as music, nightlife, etc. As cool as the arera was, it did have a little bit of a seamy side to it with a lot of what looked to be homeless people hanging outside. When the cab driver dropped us off, he told us to watch our things (wallets, watches, rings, etc.). It didn't look like an area where it'd be easy to find a cab late at night. Luckily, when we finally left, there was a cab right there waiting for a fare.....problem solved. To add to the adventure, I was also told to try to avoid Copacabana beach as there was some violence going on between 2 rival drug lords & the police. Many stray bullets had been reported. Luckily, we only drove through Copacabana & didn't spend any time there. The other highlight was going up to the Cristo Redentor statue at Corcovado (the famous huge statue of Jesus that overlooks Rio). We were able to hire a driver at an hourly rate who added a drive through the rain forest on our way there. It was really something. I should be better about taking photos on these trips. Luckily a couple of the other guys said that they would send me theirs so, hopefully, I'll have some visuals to back up the narrative here. I did, however, take the promised photo of the view from my hotel room in Rio which is now on the photo page. And there you have it. Don't know if I'll write any more from this trip. If not, there'll be more in not too long. Happy Spring from South America where it's Happy Summer!

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