Transmitting from Helsinki, Finland... Well, it's nice to be in a normal sized hotel room after my cubicle in Stockholm. We arrived this afternoon for our last show on this tour tomorrow. Other than an above average dinner at a Mexican restaurant across from the hotel, my impressions of this city are very limited thus far. It's cold (supposed to be in the 30s tonight) & the area surrounding our hotel looks kind of bleak as far as things to do or see. The vibe here also is a huge change from the other places we've been. Way more subdued, not as pretty, not a place that's screaming out for you to walk around & take in as much as you can in the barely 2 days you'll be here. It reminds me in certain ways of cities like Berlin or Moscow where you can kind of feel the effects of past government suppresion in the air. Mind you, I could be way off the mark here. I'm just working off of intuition & a lack of energy to explore right now. There's still a full day here to come & things could turn around 180 degrees. Still, it does kind of wet my appetite for coming home on Monday. If there's anything of note to relay before heading home, I'll pass it along. I am hoping to be able to post a photo of the band crammed into one of our little Stockholm hotel rooms. That is, if my bandmate & blog fan (& international cell phone guru), Bill Hayes, remembers to email it to me! I'm going to try to become more of a camera guy on these trips in the future. It'll be nice to have more visuals to accompany these entries. No promises but I'll try.

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