Transmitting From Seattle WA... I'm here with my family for a few days of vacation & to check out the Bumbershoot festival that happens here every Labor Day weekend. It's an amazing event over 3 days & includes just about every form of music, art, film, spoken word, comedy, literature & just about any other art form you can think of. (I'd suggest adding more jazz & classical music but it's still a blast nontheless). We attended 2 years ago & fell in love with it. Hope to be back many more times. I really love this city & could actually see myself living here if I weren't all ready in the best city on Earth, NYC. Don't think I could say that about anywhere else with the possible exception of San Francisco. We get home on Tuesday & then, after a 2 day turn-around, I head back to the west coast for the telethon TV taping in Los Angeles. That will wrap up this latest chapter of A LOT of traveling which will have lasted for about 6 weeks. Looks like, for the remainder of the year, I'll just be going out for 1 or 2 nighters which is fine. Anyway, if you can, come to Seattle & check out Bumbershoot next year!

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