Transmitting From Vancouver, B.C... Lo & behold, there's more to report! Yesterday, when we visited with master drum builder Ron Dunnett, we were able to see him pretty much build a snare drum from scratch in a little under an hour's time! It was quite amazing to watch. All he had was a circular piece of titanium on his work bench &, while he entertained us with stories of his travels, he slowly did a bunch of drilling, fastening screws, attaching a snare drum strainer & putting 2 drum heads on &...Voila!...a beautiful drum was born! It was quite something! Our percussionist Dave Nyberg is the proud owner of the newly hatched drum, which is named after his wife, by the way. A very cool experience! I'd also like to recommend to anyone traveling to these parts to check out a great Japanese restaurant named Guu (exact pronunciation unkown) which is located in the Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, B.C. We had dinner there last night & it was some of the best sushi I've had in ages. Well worth the trip if you find yourself in the area. And now, on to the show tonight & the flight home tomorrow.

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