Transmitting From Taormina, Sicily... Sitting here at an Internet Cafe in this remarkable city which seems to be built into the side of a mountain. Our show tonight is at an ancient ruin which has been transformed into a performance space, not unlike Herod Atticus in Athens. Should be quite a sight. We've had some mishaps on this trip, mostly dealing with lost luggage. Our bags were lost once but some other members of our group have had theirs lost twice. (Most recently yesterday leaving a couple of guys without stage clothes for tonight. Hope it gets resolved in time). Tomorrow we head home &, as usual, I'm greatly looking forward to that 1st sight of Manhattan. It's been mostly a fun tour & especially fun having my family with me out here for the 1st time. Next for me is my true vacation to Seattle next week for the Bumbershoot festival to be almost immediately followed by a trip to Los Angeles for the Chabad Telethon TV show in Sept. I'll keep you posted with any news of note

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