Transmitting From Rama, Ontario, Canada... It's been a long day & it's not over yet. Woke up at 5AM at home to get a flight to Toronto where we drove about 2 hrs. to the casino where we're playing here tonight. It's a week of casinos for us...not my favorite places to play. Mid-week we head out to California to do 2 more casino shows before heading home & a little break in the schedule. I'm a little fried from the day's travelling. We landed in Toronto in the middle of a lightning storm where the airport was on "red alert", meaning that none of the ground crew was permitted to guide us in to our gate so we wound up sitting on the runway for a bit. Something about that just doesn't make sense to me. We were FLYING through the storm without much problem but the ground personnel couldn't WALK out onto the runway for a few minutes! Oh well... Looking forward to a decent night's sleep. More news from the west coast next week.

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