Transmitting From Munich, Germany.. Our show on Sunday was held in the town of Yulm which is the home of the largest church steeple in the world. The outdoor stage was set up right next to the church. The weather here has been fall-like over the past 2 days. A big change from the heat wave I left in NYC last week. Good thing I packed a light jacket. Yesterday we had dinner at the Hofbrau House which is one of the biggest beer gardens in the world. I've added a photo of me resting on top of the 1-liter mug I'd just downed. Today's sightseeing highlight was checking out the Pinakothek Der Moderne, Munich's answer to the Museum Of Modern Art in NYC. It was phenomenal! Tomorrow we head out to a show in Regensburg before heading to Wolfsburg on Thursday for the final show in Germany. Word is that Herbie Hancock will be performing there the night before we do so, hopefully, we'll be able to catch some, if not all, of that. I'll keep you posted.

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