Transmitting From Biloxi, MS... We're playing tonight at a casino called Beau Rivage where I've played at least twice before. Casinos are not my favroite places to be but I have to give props to this one as it was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina & built up again to look better than before. Still, I much prefer the quiet of my room to the clanging of the slots on the casino floor. The noise is pretty much everywhere & invades the eating areas as well so you're never completely free of it. I was never into gambling so, as I said, they're not my favroite places. Still, from what I remember, the theatre is a fairly nice space so, as always, playing some music should be fun. "First Melancholy..." is continuing to get decent airplay & is reachng lands I never would've guessed, the latest being South Africa. There have also been some more nice reviews & comments that I've put on the Press page for your reading pleasure, if you're so inclined. If nothing changes, this will be the last road report for awhile. As always, I'll keep you posted with any interesting new news from NYC or wherever things worth reporting happen to transpire. Till then, Happy Spring!!

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