Transmitting From Atlanta, GA... We arrived yesterday for a symphony show today. This usually involves a few extra hours of rehearsal time for the orchestra which is fine with me as I'm always happy sitting behind a set of drums. The weather looks overcast but, from what I can tell, it looks as though the rain has come & gone so I'll bet the outdoor show tonight will go on as planned. A few days ago we taped an episode for a well-known TV show that I was told will be airing in the fall. Don't want to say anything else as it's an ongoing series & more info could ruin whatever build-up or surprise might be associated with it. It was a fun experience, though...that much I can say. The process of putting the next CD together is moving along. I'm hoping to add 1 or 2 new people, in addition to my 1-man operation, to get it to a broader audience. There are a couple of possibilities in that area which is encouraging. And that's about it. After this trip I'll be off the road for a couple of weeks but there'll be more news ahead so keep checking in. Till then...

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