The end of the tour is upon us.... We're here in Frankfurt, Germany gearing up for our final show of this 3+ week European tour. Quite a number of highlights, new places seen, many laughs in ways that only seem to happen on the road. When travelling on tours like this, you become a resident of a kind of fantasy world where your only repsonsibility is to show up & play your instrument to the best of your ability each night. Still, after a few weeks, I do miss the "real" world of home, family & friends (and the day-to-day responsibilities that come with that) & am so looking forward to getting back. We have other, shorter, European trips scheduled in April & May. I'll keep you posted on that along with any other news of note. I'm sure that will include gearing up for our move back to NYC & to try to find the time to do more hands-on promoting of "Sanctuaries." Thanks to the people who've bought the CD & downloaded songs from iTunes. There'll be more music on the way!

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