Transmitting From Las Vegas, NV... We arrived here on Thursday for a week's worth of shows that'll be reviving the Broadway run we did last year. The final 2 performances will be filmed for a future TV broadcast & DVD release. I may have mentioned this before but Vegas is not one of my favorite places. I'm not a casino/gambling/gaudy kind of guy &, needless to say, this is the mecca for all of that. One good thing, though, is that our hotel is situated apart from the main hotel where we're working (the MGM Grand) but is connected through a series of walkways. There are no gaming machines or tables of any kind where we are so it's much quieter which is quite nice. The cost for this additional peace is a 13 minute walk from my room to the stage door (I timed it last night). I'll take it! I did another gig a couple of weeks ago with guitarist Paul Metzke's trio in NYC that was a lot of fun. There are now some clips from that night up on YouTube if you care to check it out. Check out the tune, "Blue Lake", if you have to choose one to watch. I'm sure there'll be more coming up with Paul in Nov. or Dec. He's quite a player. Next for us in Liza-land is a tour of Australia that I'm looking forward to as I've never been there. I'm also going to be filling in on drums for 2 of those shows which is always fun. Stay tuned for stories from the land of Oz next month. Till then...

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