Transmitting From NYC... Well, the Chabad Telethon went very smoothly. Chabad is quite an organization & the help they provide to people dealing with the problems of addiction & homelessness is quite remarkable. The show this year also brought the star power up a notch or two. Actors Mimi Rodgers, Martin Landau, Tom Arnold, Jobeth Williams & Kathryn Manheim gave their time to support the cause. This, in addition to Jon Voight, who's been a friend of the orginization for many years. When I said hi to Jon, he said, "Hi kid, great to see ya." I felt as if I was in a scene in an old Hollywood film. Don't think I've mentioned this before but, through a series of strange coincidneces that began almost 27 years ago in an off-Broadway show, I've played on over 200 albums of Jewish music. I've made many good friends & have had a lot of fun times in that world & continue to enjoy my experiences there. Following up what I hinted at in my last entry, I just became associated with a music licensing comapny called Wacbiz who, hopefully, will be helping me place the pieces from my Sanctuaries CD into markets such as Film, TV & Radio. They have a great roster of artists, including names like Duncan Sheik, Joe Jackson & Sinead O'Connor, so I'm proud to be on-board. You can get to my page there on the Links page here. And I think that'll do it for now. Enjoy these last few days of summer. I'll be reporting back with news from the road &, who knows, maybe news from home too.

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