Transmitting From Canadaigua, NY... We received the very sad news this morning that Bill LaVorgna, Liza's drummer & conductor of over 30 years, passed away. From the 1st time I heard him play, when I 1st worked with Liza at Radio City Music Hall in the early '90s, I knew he was someone special. It's hard to put exactly into words as to what made his drumming unique but, in the context of this show, it was simply perfection. He had a certain special way of complimenting all that was going on around him muscially, both singers & instrumentalists, that was unlike anything I'd ever heard. Simple, musical & perfect. It's no wonder that he was one of the busiest studio musicians in NYC back in the '60s &' 70s. I always loved to listen & watch him play from my pearch behind the synths when I'd have a few free bars here & there. It was kind of like getting a mini drum lesson. It's hard to think that, barely a week ago, I was sitting & joking with him. Life is so precious & fleeting. We should cherish every moment. Here's to you Blaze!

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