Transmitting from Punta del Este, Uruguay... We're in a very pretty seaside resort town. The weather is more fall-like so the energy of the city is not at its peak but you can surely see the potential by the surroundings. I'm in the lobby of the hotel with 3 others from our contingent as it's the only place where the WiFi signal works. The shows have been going very well & the audiences have been great. So far, the highlight for me as a tourist was visiting the cemetery in Buenos Aires where Eva Peron is buried. Well, not actually buried: The cemetery is comprised entirely of masoleums where everything is above ground. You can view many, many coffins...some of them totally exposed to the elements from lack of care. I could easily have reached into a number of them & tried to pry open the lids! I hadn't ever seen anything quite like it. Literally right out of a horror movie. Today's travel was fairly uneventful except for the 6AM departure time from the hotel. As the shows here have been starting on the late side, I managed about 3 hours of sleep. Think I'll try to catch up on that now. More soon...

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