Transmitting From Birmingham, England... We've been here for a couple of days & are using this city as a base from which to drive to the remaining ones on the tour. It makes the drives to & from the gigs a bit longer but saves a lot of packing & unpacking which we'd have to do if we were to move to new hotels in each town. Last night we did a show in Notingham which seemed to be a very cool place. Kind of a college town vibe. On Monday, we'll drive to Manchester for a show there & then, on Wed. there's one here. After that we'll fly to Scotland for the last show in Glasgow. On my last night in London I went to the world famous Ronnie Scott's jazz club to hear some great musicians. For anyone reading this who hasn't heard of Billy Hart, Eddie Henderson, George Cables or Cecil McBee, doing a search on Google or Amazon & checking out any of their CDs would be a very worthwhile investment. They're all jazz musicians of the highest order & have been dealing great music for decades. Tomorrow is a day off & should be a special thrill as we've been able to get tickets to see Paul McCartney's show in Liverpool. I'm a huge Beatles fan & have never actually seen any live show by any of them so I'm especially excited...especially seeing him in his home town. (I have had, however, 2 Beatles sightings....once seeing John Lennon buying a newspaper in NYC & then having Ringo pull up next to me in his car at a stoplight in Los Angeles). I'll surely update with news, especially of the McCartney show, soon.

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