Transmitting From Huntington, WV... Our show in Roanoke last night went well. The town is very quaint & sweet, almost out of a storybook. Many low-rise brick buildings lined up in grid formation, all nicely maintained. There were many vacant shops & I was told that the town is being built-up a bit which was nice to hear. It would have been a drag to hear that all of the vacancies were due to stores closing down. We just arrived in Huntington. In the elevator someone asked me if I was here for the "Raw" convention. I said no but asked what it was. It's a convention of romance novel authors that's happening in the hotel. Don't know if I'll venture down to check it out or not. I'm not a romance novel fan but there could be some very good people watching opportunities. (It might be worth it just to find out how a romance novel convention comes to be known as "Raw"). The town here is more industrial, without the charm of the past 2....at least that's how it appears on 1st impression. Day off today, show tomorrow, home Mon....yay!! We're supposed to be heading to Chicago at week's end to tape a segment of the Oprah show which sounds like fun. More from there. I'll close with a prayer of peace & heartfelt condolences for the victims & families of 9/11.

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