Transmitting from Minot, ND... We're playing tonight at a huge Scandanvian festival. In a very nice show of hospitality, last night we were taken to the home of one of the main hosts of the festival. He has a big, beautiful custom designed log cabin-type place. In it, he has TONS of stuffed animals that he's hunted all over the world on display. I've never seen anything like it. Entire bodies of bears, moose, lions, zebras and much more.....and they were EVERYWHERE!! Plus he's a big collector of native american artifacts. He had a ceremonial indian shirt duplicated "bead-for-bead" by the costume designer for "Dances With Wolves." There were also tons of headresses, indian drums & smaller things as well. It truly was like a museum. Then he took us to a smaller cabin for dinner. To get there we had to drive down a local street that became a gravel road that became a dirt road that became kind of a road with tire marks surrounded by grass that finally became just driving through hills & valleys in the middle of nowhere on no road of any kind! It was wild. In the cabin were more stuffed animals, indian artifacts & plenty of good food & drink. Honestly, I just don't get hunting. Still, it was really something to see & our host couldn't have been nicer. The festival tonight should also be quite something. Tomorrow we'll be on a plane at the wonderful hour of 5AM on our way to Las Vegas. More soon...

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